CASBHC's Annual Conference
May 3 - 4, 2012

The 2012 conference featured sessions on a wide-range of topics such as expanding oral health care delivery, understanding the trends in adolescent drug and tobacco use, delivering better care to LGBT students, increasing knowledge of health policy, and building partnerships with external community advocates. Click here for conference program.

We are pleased to share the presentations that were furnished by our speakers.

Introducing Screening Tools for Mental Health into Your School-Based Health Center (Buyers and Newport)

Smiles for Life: Oral Health Assessment and Fluoride Varnish Application and Training for Medical Providers (Callanan)

Carlson: Colorado's New Interactive Oral Health Plan: How to Make an Impact (Carlson)

Evaluating and Treating Sports Injuries in Young Athletes: Shoulders, Elbows, Hands, and Wrists (Coel)

Beyond Mild Persistent Asthma: How to Escalate Care and When to Ask for Help (Federico)

Colorado's Health Benefit Exchange: What School-Based Health Centers Need to Know (Fontneau)

School-Based Health Centers: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow (Kaplan)

Using Data to Improve Quality of Care at School-Based Health Centers (Nickels and Daly)

Innovation in School-Based Health Center External Community Partnerships: How to Facilitate an Integrated Care Model (Schwartz)

The New Smokeless Tobacco Products and Adolesecents (Spencer)

Providing Better Care to LGBT Students (Thrun)

How to Talk to a Student abount Adoption (Wotkyns)

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