How do SBHCs benefit kids, parents, schools and communities? 

School-based health centers are a powerful approach for addressing child and teen health problems. Research studies have shown that SBHCs:

  • Improve access to care
  • Reduce absenteeism from school
  • Reduce the use of expensive emergency room care
  • Improve immunization rates

Families benefit:

  • Parents miss less time from work due to reduced travel time
  • Families are informed about low cost insurance alternatives and the importance of preventive health care services
  • School officials and parents determine the scope of services offered
  • Parents must sign a detailed consent form before their child may receive service
Schools and communities benefit:
  • School-based health centers support the schools' educational mission.
  • Students appreciate services that are uniquely tailored to meet their needs
  • Students are in school and ready to learn
  • Concerns are addressed promptly

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